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Pest Control Sunshine Coast

• A General Pest Control takes approx. 1.5 hours.
• Pets should be restrained away from treated areas while in progress.
• Treatments do not smell unless extreme measures are required to be taken.
• Our chemicals are synthetic, industry approved treatments.
• Cupboards only need to be emptied for small German cockroaches or in the case of a major infestation.
• Do not wash the floors after treatment for a minimum of 2 days.
• Warranties depend on treatment and pest situation (our technician will advise on the day).
• Re-treatments are generally advised 12 monthly or less for severe infestations.
• Our pesticides have ‘natural origins’. They are of the family of Pyrethroids, extracts of the Chrysanthemum Flower.
• These pesticides rapidly knock down insects and are generally harmless to mammals – you and your family and pets.
• These are applied in the safest possible manner according to the Australian Standard procedures.

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We, Aussie Carpet Clean are a leader in pest control and operate throughout Sunshine coast. We are very professional and are trained to the highest standards to deal with varied types of pests. We cater to businesses and homeowners and are very passionate about keeping places tidy and healthy. We take pride in our knowledge about pests and would make the top choice for pest control Sunshine Coast.

We offer a personal approach to control pests in your home/ commercial space. We closely examine your place and identify the problem precisely. Once this is done, we recommend the best remedy that is both affordable and practical for you.

Our general pest control Buderim takes about an hour and a half. However it depends on the intensity of the problem. We use only industry approved chemicals for our treatment that cause no harm to humans. So with us, you can get rid of insects without worrying about your health.

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• We are quick and respond in the shortest possible time, because we know dealing with pests is annoying and delaying the treatment will only make things worse.• We provide free consultation.• We come with a rich experience, thus are able to diagnose and deal with the problem accurately. Our pest control treatment team ensures you will live with peace of mind.• We do not make a mess while working on your space. Take note, we are neat and inconvenience you the least.• We are reliable and provide follow-up service to make sure the problem does not surface again .

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Aussie Carpet Cleaning Pest management offers comprehensive of all of your common residential and commercial pest problems . We are trained and licensed to handle all pest issues not including termites.We offer pest management treatments for homes, units, body corporate areas, restaurants, real estates and other commercial premises. Our pest management treatments are carried out with safety in mind and we use low toxicity level chemicals to ensure our safety and yours……more…

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You are dealing with fully trained Professional Carpet Cleaners
Our Carpet Cleaning Service is extremely local to the Sunshine Coast
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We use only top class Equipment capable of doing any carpet cleaning job
We use only premium Bio-degradable and Environmentally Friendly products to do all our carpet cleans
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